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Never Have I Ever: Writer Edition Tag


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Okie, let’s get started…


started a novel I didn’t finish

Guilty as charged. I’ve actually started many novels I didn’t finish, between getting a tiny bit into a project and giving up or else getting a ways into a project and then deciding to set it aside and work on something else….perhaps it would appear that actually finishing projects isn’t my strong suite? 🙊😂 Gotta work on that.

written a story completely by hand

Yeah, short ones in my younger years. Actually, way back when, my sister and I used to take turns (hand)writing stories about imaginary (and real-life) characters. That was fun. (Remember the Amazing Eight stories, V?)

changed tenses midway through a story

Yes, yes, yes. I (at least used to) have something of a problem with jumping back and forth between past- and present-tense in my writing. Can anyone relate?

not researched anything before starting a story

Oh, yeah, definitely, though I would likely do more research now than I used to.

changed my protagonist’s name halfway through a draft

Hmmm…I don’t recall ever doing that. (Although there was one story where the protagonist had two different names and was called one name in certain settings and the other name in other settings. But that’s different.)

written a story in a month or less

Yes, I’ve written some very short stories in much less than a month.

Aside from that, last year in school I wrote a 15-chapter (plus a prologue and epilogue), 34ish thousand word murder mystery for English. While I didn’t complete that in less than a month, I think I wrote it in under 2 months, so…

fallen asleep while writing

No, but I have fallen asleep while reading.

corrected someone’s grammar irl/online

Oh, probably. But believe it or not, even though I’m the writery one, Victoria is actually much more likely to correct someone’s grammar than I am.

…yelled in all-caps at myself in the middle of my novel

Ummm…well, I’ve made a few notes for myself about things to edit later, but…no??

…used “I’m writing” as an excuse

Uhhh….probably some.

killed a character that was based on someone I know in real life

Uhh, no. I have created characters based on people I know, however. People around me are not necessarily safe from being encorporated into my writing. Be forewarned…

used pop culture references in a story

Yes! I like it when people throw that kind of thing into stories! Like specific brands, etc. It’s cool, and it kinda adds a little something, ya know? Almost makes it seem more real.

As a side note: my most recent story includes references to Tim Hortons in it. GO CANADA!!!!!!!! 🍁🍁

written between the hours of 1:00 am and 6:00 am

Nawww….I sleep at pretty reasonable hours. I have thought about writing-related things during a waking spell at 3ish am, if that counts.

drank an entire pot of coffee while writing

To this date, I actually don’t ever recall drinking coffee while writing. And considering that I do a bunch of my writing in the evening/night and am already a little bit of an insomniac….maybe it’s a good thing my answer is no??????

written down dreams to use in a potential novel

I haven’t written it down (yet) but I do have a specific dream stored up in my brain to use as the premise for a future novel!!!!!! *me getting all excited over here*

published an unedited story on the internet/blog/wattpad


procrastinated schoolwork because I wanted to write

Um, well, there was a time a few years back when I was working on a novel in my free time at school, so I probably did at least a little bit of schoolwork procrastinating then. But typically I do my school at school and my writing at home.

typed so long my wrists hurt

Don’t think so. I mainly do writing in shorter blocks.

spilled a drink on my laptop while writing

Ahhhhhh!!!!!!! No! The very idea triggers fear and horror in my heart!!

forgotten to save my work/draft

Autosave helps. And my dad cautioned me a while back about saving my work before closing Word, so I don’t think so. If I have, then probably not too big an amount, or I would have remembered.

finished a novel

Yes!! Well, first draft at least (can’t remember if I ever finished the second draft). But only one novel. And that was a couple/few years ago. And it has sat around in my laptop for ages. (I’m not very good at getting around to actually writing and finishing projects. But I’m hoping to get better at that, and I’m hoping to go back and revisit said project. It holds a special spot in my heart. 😊💖)

laughed like an evil villain while writing a scene

No, but it sounds kinda fun… *internally laughs like an evil villain at the very idea*

…cried while writing a scene

Maybe teared up, and I know I’ve gotten a lump in my throat while writing. But it seems like I cry more easily while reading/watching movies than while writing.

created maps of my fictional world

Ehehe, yes. But very rudimentary. I still have a “map” of a fantasy world I created drawn on a Post-It note in one of my notebooks. It’s…definitely no masterpiece. 🤣

researched something shady for a novel

Well, I’m not sure about shady, but I’ve done a little bit of…interesting research. What writer hasn’t? 😜

My Nominations:

You know what? I nominate any writer who reads this post.



Annnnd, that’s a wrap for today. Thanks for reading and have a nice day!


~ Isabelle 🌻


15 thoughts on “Never Have I Ever: Writer Edition Tag

  1. I think you do gotta work on finishing them projects 🤣💕
    Oh Marcus… AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA we were weird kids xD. (We still are though, aren’t we? 🤠)
    😳😱 THAT dream. Me needs this bookzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yes that first draft… Pweez revisit it *insert pleading emoji* I wants to hold it in my hands, a published book with thy name upone the cover. Also I&E 😁 And THE DREAM. And A&G. ehe
    Well, you’ve certainly made ME cry. *remembers sitting at the table with my cheek covered in salty liquid**and lying in my bedroom with tears on my face**and reading about X and feeling teary*
    Anyhoo, nice post and I’ll support you in your writerhood my dear little sis ❤️💞After all, I am your #1 fan, aren’t I? 🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I know… I’ll try to do better. 😭
      Hahaha, Marcus!!! 🤣 Yes, we were very weird. The things our little brains thought up!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA (And yes, we still are weird. 🤠😆)
      Uhuh, THAT dream… *epic music crescendo*
      Aww, you have such faith in me. 😊😭🥰 Such enthusiasm. Such support.(And such pushiness, sometimes, too. 😂😂)
      Yes, I’m so happy that I’ve actually made someone cry with my writing!!!!! (Does that sound weird??)
      Aw, thanks! Yeah, you are my #1 fan. ❤💖

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Cool tag! I do write sometimes but some of these things I have never done since I don’t write as often as I would like and I don’t drink coffee! (since I’m Do you usually write on a computer nowadays? I prefer to write by hand because I can get my hands on paper and a pencil easier than writing on a computer, and then I’m also not on a screen.
    I might do this tag at some point!

    Liked by 1 person

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