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The 20 Questions Book Tag

Hello, one and all!! Today’s post is, as you may have guessed, the 20 Questions Book Tag! So thank you to Rebekah for the nomination.

Okay, so for this post, my (Isabelle’s) answers will be in normal text, and Victoria’s answers will be in italics. (And the questions are in bold, if anyone has trouble figuring that out themself. XD)

Without further ado…

1: How many books is too many for a series?

Depends. Back when I read mainly middle-grade books, I used to read long serieses. Seven books? No problem. Now I mainly read standalones. If I do read a YA series, it’s likely just a duology or a trilogy. But I’m not opposed to serieses, as long as they’re interesting. As for how many books makes a series too long? Offhand, I might say, for an MG series, maybe a max of four or five books (though sometimes longer is okay). For a YA series, in general probably two or three or maximum of four books.

Hrmmm… I’m honestly not a huge fan of serieses rn. At this point, I probably wouldn’t read a series over 3 books 😂 But really, it would all depend on the series, how many books is too many.

2: How do you feel about cliffhangers?

Oohoo, the inflict-emotional-pain-upon-my-readers writer side of me loves them. The reader part of me sometimes loves them and sometimes hates them. It also can depend on how long I have to wait to get my hands on the next book.

That all depends. I’m okay with cliffhangers (at least mostly XD) I think. But it would be better if I were reading (or watching) an older series, so that I didn’t have to wait a year for the next installment (like LoTR:RoP Season 1. I’m not too impressed with how that ended, but it was still a good movie series)

3: Hardcover or paperback?

Maybe hardcover. But they both have their upsides and downsides. Paperbacks are nice and can be cheaper to buy, but they get damaged soo easily – like the covers bending out! So annoying! Hardcovers are also nice and the covers don’t bend and they have the added bonus that sometimes you can take the dust jacket off and show the cover underneath for a more vintage vibe (if the book is yours, of course), but they can be soo expensive!

Both work. 🤷‍♀️😂 Maybe hardcover is overall nicer tho

4: Favorite book?

*epically cracks knuckles in preparation* Okay, let’s do this. The Traitor Prince by CJ Redwine. There You’ll Find Me by Jenny B. Jones. CS Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia. Fawkes by Nadine Brandes (Romanov is also really good – the endings Nadine Brandes writes!!!!) And I can’t forget Lindsay A. Franklin’s Weaver Trilogy. (Note: favourite book list may be subject to change.)

Well, you guys are probably tired of hearing what my fav books are 😕but I guess you gotta bear with me for another reiteration of my list of favourite books.


(No specific order)

  1. There You’ll Find Me by Jenny B. Jones. An absolutely BEAUTIFUL Christian YA romance and healing story set in Ireland. I’ve read it twice. It was that good.
  2. The Weaver Trilogy by Lindsay A. Franklin. A stupendous trilogy. I loved it. Might reread someday 😏😂💖
  3. The Traitor Prince by C.J. Redwine. A truly fantabulous fantasy with roots in the Arabian fairytale “The False Prince” and Mark Twain’s The Prince and the Pauper. It’s got gobs of action, some romance, an AMAZING MC, a usurper, gladiatorial-style fighting, monsters, an evil dragon, an underground prison, stars, an elf – it’s just perfection. I also read this twice. It was also that good.

5: Least favorite book?

I hate books that aren’t clean. Especially when the have the potential to be a really good story and then the author goes and ruins it by including inappropriate content!!

I also have a thing against Twilight. I actually kinda enjoyed the first book in the series when I read it over a year ago, but now I have a thing against that series.

Another book I really don’t like is Little Do We Know by Tamara Ireland Stone. This one I also read over a year ago, and I started reading expecting it to be an awesome Christian fiction book. It wasn’t. It was junk. And as for the Christian fiction part – one main character who was a Christian at the beginning ends the book with a “oh, well I don’t know if I believe in God and I don’t really need to figure it out and I’m not going to stress about it because I can just enjoy life and I have tons of time ahead of me to figure it out and it’s not like this is the most important decision in my life.” And yes, another character who wasn’t a Christian at the start did become at least open to Christianity by the end, but even that was portrayed in a not-entirely satisfactory way. I really don’t like the wishy-washy it-doesn’t-really-matter approach the author seemed to take on faith. I could rant more on this book, but I’m going to stop here.

Uhh… I don’t really have one? Idk. I don’t like dirty books or mushy romance tho, so…

6: Love triangles, yes or no?

Hmm, it depends. If a love triangle is done well, then yeah, sure. But don’t make it a case of “oh, I’m the main character girl in this book or book series and I’m in the middle of saving the world or whatever and I’m 16 or 17 and right now one of my most pressing concerns is to figure out which of these two guys is my forever true love.” *insert fluttering eyelashes*

I mean, I’ve never been 16 or 17 and I’ve never had to save the world or escape killers or fight in wars, but does it really have to be such an all-consuming priority to figure out which of the two guys who are in love with you is your soulmate? Like, really?!

Also, in a love triangle, please don’t make the guys do all these cringy things over the girl like getting into a fistfight with the competition or making utter fools of themselves, etc. And don’t make the guys be consumed with jealously. “gasp! i saw her spending time with him! time for me to jump to conclusions and throw a temper tantrum!”

But if a love triangle is done well, then it can be a nice thing. Love triangles can let the reader root for their favourite candidate, hypothesize on what they think the outcome of the love triangle will be. And if the MC is still trying to figure out what her feelings are, then that can make the romance less mushy than if she already is “in love” with her boyfriend. Plus, if in a love triangle, my favourite of the two guys doesn’t get the girl, I can feel sorry for him and I don’t have to witness him being all mushy-gushy with the girl, like what sometimes happens after the girl finally gets together with someone. XD

Wow. My answers are so long. In short – yes to a well-done love triangle, no to one that isn’t done well.

I don’t really mind love triangles. I mean, I would rather if it was done tastefully. One thing about love triangles that annoys me though – I seem to often (but not always *Dean vs. Michael*) be on the losing side. Like, why?😑😅

7: The most recent book you couldn’t finish?

Dum da dum, let me check my book log. Okay, the most recent DNF I have recorded is Bloodsworn by Scott Reintgen, back in June.

The Paris Dressmaker by Kristy Cambron back in… September, I think?

8: A book you’re currently reading?

I’m currently reading The Fountains of Silence by Ruta Sepetys.

Well, I only read books one at a time, basically. That book is In Between by Jenny B. Jones. Edit: I just finished that today so I’m thinking I’ll start To Best the Boys by Mary Weber.

9: Last book you recommended to someone?

One of the last was I Must Betray You by Ruta Septys, which I recommended to a friend a few weeks ago.

Ehm it actually wasn’t the greatest book, the last one I recommended to someone 😕

10: Oldest book you’ve read by publication date?

One year I had to read part of Homer’s Odyssey for school, and that’s pretty old. I also once started reading The Iliad, which is even older, but I didn’t get very far into that.

Uhh… I’ve read some really old stuff for school. Like Canterbury Tales, and some of Augustine’s writings I think. (Also some Homer, like Belle. And some other super old stuff xD) I don’t really read old books for pleasure though. I’m too lazy 🤣

11: Newest book you’ve read by publication date?

Possibly I Must Betray You by Ruta Sepetys. That one was published earlier this year.

I Must Betray You by Ruta Sepetys, I think. Y’all should totally read it. It’s a historical fiction set in Communist Romania in 1989.

12: Favorite author?

Do you have to make me pick? 😂😂 I like Christian authors like CS Lewis, Nadine Brandes, Lindsay A. Franklin, etc.

Hmmm… Maybe Nadine Brandes and Lindsay A. Franklin? *insert after seeing Belle’s answer ->* C.S. Lewis is pretty awesome too.

13: Buying books or borrowing books?

Borrowing from the library, generally, because it’s free, which cannot be said of buying books. But there is something about actually owning a book, especially if it’s a really good one.

Borrowing from the library. Books are too expensive 😩 But there is a problem with relying on the library system: they often don’t have the books I want 🙄

14: A book you dislike that everyone seems to love?

Twilight? Well, I wouldn’t say everyone seems to love this one. It’s a very controversial subject. But I dislike it and I enjoy picking on it.

Er… I don’t know.

15: Bookmarks or dogears?

Bookmarks. Especially now that I have a nice magnetic bookmark.

Well, since I read library books, I gotta use a bookmark. Even if they were my own books, I would use bookmarks though. It’s so nice having pretty bookmarks… *remembering how I used and used a ribbon award so much it got ugly and still kept using it* Anyway, currently I’m using a nice magnetic England-themed (it’s got the English flag, little beaver-hat soldier dudes, and a bunch of other British-y stuff on it 😃) bookmark I bought on vacation in Quebec (I know, England-themed from Quebec 🤣)

16: A book you can always re-read?

The Traitor Prince? Fawkes? There You’ll Find Me? Narnia? Although I one thing about rereading books you love is there’s the fear of not loving it as much the second or third time around. But Narnia is definitely a series I would revisit over and over.

Well, I think I would need enough time in between reads to reread, but probably some of my favs. And, of course, the Bible can always be reread.

17: Can you read while listening to music?

I usually don’t, but I think I can for at least instrumental music and Lofi. Music with lyrics? That doesn’t always go so well. *thinks back to a certain memory involving Pride and Prejudice and rock music* *And squats, Isabelle. Don’t forget that.*

I think it would mostly have to be an instrumental playlist. I have a playlist that’s got mostly Piano Guys on it that I used to always listen to when I read in bed. I don’t really listen to music when I read though anymore

18: One POV or multiple?

I’m good with either. Multiple POVs can expand the story, add interest, and let you grow closer to multiple characters. But sometimes one POV can be nice too.

I think multiple. It adds flavour 👍

19: Do you read a book in one sitting or over multiple days?

Usually multiple days. I have read a book in one afternoon multiple times before.

Most of the time, multiple days. It’s only (very) special occasions when I read a book in one day XD

20: Who do you tag?

Weelllll… Belle and I have decided to make this an open nomination, so – whoever wants to can do it! Just link back to us and we can know who did it 🙂

And that is that, folks! Have a positively pulchritudinous rest of your day!

~ v & i


7 thoughts on “The 20 Questions Book Tag

  1. Ohhh, I LOVE There You’ll Find Me!! I think you told me about it, Victoria, and I got it from the library right after and read it… *dies inside* it’s sooo gooooood!!!! 😀

    This post was so fun!!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I get that line of reasoning but I also feel like she never really gave him the closure he needed and she was not fair in how she handled the situation, though it has been a while since I read the book so maybe I forget things.


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