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Random Post | Bookworm Memes

It’s entirely possible that I am slacking off.

Okay, so I was going to do an actual post for this week, but instead you get memes. You’re welcome.

Now….prepare yourselves…for a lot of memes.

Well, look at that! You’re halfway through…

And now for a couple writing memes…

Okay, so that was a lot of memes.

And now a quote:

“The person, be it gentleman or lady, who has not pleasure in a good novel, must be intolerably stupid.”

– Jane Austen

Don’t worry, we’re almost done.

To close this post off, a question for you, on a controversial topic:

Pineapple on pizza: yea or nay??

Okie, well have a nice day.

~ Isabelle 🌻📚💚


20 thoughts on “Random Post | Bookworm Memes

  1. Are you finished with this book? Physically, yes. Emotionally *stares into distance* NEVER. 🙌🏻 Someone understands my pain… OoT… You hath caused this upon me *sobs dramatically* And when your favourite character dies!!! You were like that friend this past round. 🤧 (Think JH. 😒😭) And I love the enraged relaxation one 🤣 Thank you for this enlightened dump of memes 👏👊🏻

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  2. Oh my goodness yes I hate accidentally glancing at the bottom of the page and finding out the plot twist several seconds too soon LOL! It’s criminal how much I related with ALL of these!!! (I was just going through this whole thing going “yes, yes, yes!” to myself lol!) SUCH a fun post. 😀

    And I’ve never had pineapple on pizza, so I don’t know! *laughs*

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    1. Yes! Sometimes I have to cover the page with my hand to keep from looking at the plot twist too soon. 😂😂 Thank you!! Glad you enjoyed the post.

      Oh, you haven’t? You should try it. It’s pretty good. Though some would disagree with me. (Fun fact: did you know it was a Canadian who invented Hawaiian pizza? 😃🍁)

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  3. AAAAH I LOVED THIS MEMES ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!! Okay all the writing ones REALLY cracked me up. My favorite meme was probably the one with Sauraman. 😂 Haha SO good!!! And the one about being finished with the book physically but not emotionally. LOL. SO perfect. XD It’s crazy how true that is. Also I LOVED the quote!!! As for pineapple on pizza, sorry to say I’m a nay. XD

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